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Nine Centuries in the Heart of Burgundy

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Nine Centuries in the Heart of Burgundy- book by Assouline

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The history of the Cellier aux Moines winery weaves a rich and colorful tapestry, originating with the Cistercian monks of the Abbey of La Ferté, who settled in 1113 on a rocky hill overlooking the city of Givry, an important viticultural center. Over the centuries the monks survived wars and plagues, acquiring and developing some of the most renowned vineyards in the region, and producing wines that graced the tables of royalty and the popes.

Leaving a career dedicated to the management of luxury brands such as Barton & Guestier, Veuve Clicquot, and LVMH, Philippe Pascal, along with his wife Catherine, turned to winemaking. They bought the Cellier aux Moines property in 2004, revived its vineyards and buildings, and launched their first vintage in 2006, returning to the ancient traditions of winemaking including harvesting and culling the grapes by hand. The domaine’s wines are critically acclaimed, restoring the Cellier aux Moines to its former glory.